I was educated by anti-oxfordians :-0

Have missed your music and literary offerings lately. You must be buried deep in the bowels of the next big thing in the motor world.

If you enjoyed or were madded by the story (or drivel) I'm posting on the fiction page make a comment or two. I'll put up another chapter in day or so.

Thanks for the comments about the forum, Greg. The only jarring note here is me, otherwise we have a pretty select group. I feel that I post too much but on the other hand I feel the rest of you post too little, or let me say, do not post enough new topics to keep the flow going. I have to resort to posting more than I should, and on subjects that probably are a bit more controversial, such as my American neutrality theme, than is good for the growth of the forum. We could use a few more good men and please God, women.